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Generate Passwords Workflow πŸ” for Alfred 3

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A workflow for Alfred 3 that helps you to quickly and securely generate random passwords of any given length.

By default, it generates both an alphanumeric password and a strong password, containing special characters. As a bonus, it also generates XKCD passwords with both 3 and 4 words.

Selecting the generated password in Alfred copies it to the clipboard.

Example Screencast

The latest version can also be found on:


Download the latest version of the GenereratePasswords.alfredworkflow from the Releases page and double click the downloaded file to install it.

The workflow supports automatic updates and will perform daily update checks.

Caveats and Requirements

This workflow requires Alfred 3 and won’t run on Snow Leopard (10.6) or lower.


The default keyword is pw. The first and only parameter is the desired password length, defaulting to 10.

When hitting ⏎ Return on a selected item, the generated password is copied to the clipboard.

Planned Features

  • Possibility to change default options (default password length, delimiter, XKCD word lists, ...)


If you want to contribute, fork this repository and submit a pull request.

To make the project work locally on your machine, check out the repository and issue the following commands:

$ pip install --ignore-installed --target=. Alfred-Workflow==1.37.2
$ pip install --ignore-installed --target=lib -r requirements.txt

Alternatively, if you would rather work with a virtual environment, run these commands:

$ virtualenv --python=python2.7 .venv
$ source .venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

To run the script in the terminal, simply do:

$ python

You can install jq from Homebrew and pipe the output of the workflow through this program to get nice formatting and the option to query the JSON.


The following resources were used when creating this workflow:

A big β™₯️ thank you to all creators!