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AskGPT: An Alfred Workflow - Ask ChatGPT from anywhere while typing | Product Hunt

This is an Alfred Workflow that enables you to ask ChatGPT from anywhere while typing. With this Workflow, you can activate it in any window just by typing \gpt, and it will swiftly generate the content you desire based on your commands. It's like having a genie in a bottle that instantly fulfills your commands!

A man with his feet on the table, looking at automatically generated program code, cyberpunk

by DALL·E "A man with his feet on the table, looking at automatically generated program code, cyberpunk"

Getting Start

* This project has only been tested on macOS Monterey 12.6.3. Please feel free to report any issues such as bugs or feature recommendations.

Knwon issues

  • Does not work on macOS Ventura (#8).


You can access the Workflow by Alfred keyword gpt or typing \gpt anywhere. The following are some use cases.

Let AskGPT write an email for you:


Let AskGPT write code for you:


Let AskGPT check grammar errors (from clipboard) for you:



v0.6.1 - Apr. 4, 2023

  • Fix #5 that are related to the roles parser.
  • Add a configuration for printing user-inputted content.

v0.6 - Apr. 2, 2023

  • Support context.
  • Support user defined model and temprature.
  • Support user defined roles.
  • Move configuration except API_KEY and PYTHON_ENV to Alfred 5's User Configuration page.

v0.5 - Mar. 26, 2023

  • The first release.
  • Activate by Alfred keyword gpt.
  • Activete by typing \gpt anywhere.
  • Access clipbord content by "clip".


  • [ ] Detect invalid configuration
  • [ ] Automaticly update of the Workflow
  • [ ] Terminate output when the window you are using is changed
  • [x] v0.6, Preserve context (number of problems, delay in time, manually release, suggested by tommyxps)
  • [x] v0.6, Save customized prompt (suggested by tommyxps at Product Hunt)


This project is licensed under the MIT License, see the LICENSE file for details.


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