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From their README

🚨 Workflow no longer supported 🚨

  • This workflow no longer works with macOS 12.4 'out of the box' ☚ī¸
  • Therefore this repository is deprecated
  • Please use alfred-search-omnifocus instead


Search OmniFocus Alfred Workflow

What is this?

This is a workflow for Alfred that performs free text searches on OmniFocus data.

Why would I want such a thing?

Well, I want it because I can't quickly search for, say, a task within OmniFocus using OmniFocus' search field. OmniFocus restricts search results to the current perspective or selection. Other people have noticed this too.

How to install

Download the .workflow file from the Releases page.

How to use


This workflow only works with OmniFocus 3.

Searching for tasks

  • Search for all tasks within OmniFocus (irrespective of status) with .s:

Note, use .sc to search for completed tasks only.

Searching for tasks in the Inbox and the Library

  • Search for all tasks within OmniFocus (whether you've processed them or not) with .se.

Searching the inbox

  • Search the OmniFocus inbox with .i:

or just list all tasks in the inbox with .li.

Searching for projects

  • Search for projects with .p:

Searching for tags or contexts

  • Search for a specific tag with .t or context with .c:

or just list all tags with .lt or contexts with .lc:

  • Search for a specific context with .c:

Searching for perspectives

  • Search for a specific perspective with .v:

or just list all perspectives with .lv:

Searching for folders

  • Search for a specific folder with .f:

or just list all folders with .lf:

Searching for task or projects notes

  • Search for a specific note in a task or project with .n:

  • Search for a specific note in a flagged task .ng
  • Search for a specific note in active task .na

Narrowing results

  • Search just for active tasks with .sa:

or just for active projects with .pa:

  • Search all flagged tasks with .g:

or for flagged and active tasks with .ga:

  • Show the 10 most recently modified tasks with .r:

or show the 10 most recently modfified and non-completed tasks or projects with .ra:

  • Show overdue or due items with .d:

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