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Alfred workflow to fuzzy search emojis and copy them to clipboard.


  • Fuzzy search based on description and GitHub shortcodes / aliases.
  • Uses the latest Unicode emoji spec (v13.1).
  • Blazingly fast 🤸 (it's built in Rust).

📦 Installation


Grab the latest release from the releases page.

Because the release contains an executable binary later versions of macOS will mark it as untrusted and Alfred won't be able to execute it. You can run the following to explicitly trust the release before installing to Alfred.

xattr -c ~/Downloads/emojis-*-x86_64-apple-darwin.alfredworkflow

Building from source

This workflow is written in Rust, so to install it from source you will first need to install Rust and Cargo using rustup. Then install powerpack. Then you can run the following to build an .alfredworkflow file.

git clone https://github.com/rossmacarthur/emojis.alfredworkflow.git
cd emojis.alfredworkflow
powerpack package

The release will be available at target/workflow/emojis.alfredworkflow.


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