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Alfred Workflow Random Everything

An Alfred Workflow that generates random ints, floats, strings, words, etc.

This is inspired by Random Everything for VS Code.


Demo font test


Type random [option] [arg]:

  • address: A random address (e.g. 1750 Nugku Place)
  • city: A random city (e.g. Ejgekad)
  • country: A random country (e.g. Fidorini)
  • color: A random hex color formatted (e.g. "#dd505d")
  • date (MIN-MAX): (e.g. 2006-12-20T10(20)31.608Z)
  • date (MIN-MAX): (e.g. 23/10/2027)
  • email: A random E-mail address (e.g. [email protected])
  • float (MIN-MAX): A range from a-b separated with -. Default: 0-1 (e.g. 0.609)
  • int (MIN-MAX): A range from a-b separated with -. Default: 1-100 (e.g. 57)
  • ip: a random ipv4 ip address (e.g.
  • name: A random NAME (e.g. Isabelle Holland)
  • firstName: A random first name (e.g. Seth)
  • lastName: A random last name (e.g. Fiesoli)
  • letters (length): Random letters (e.g. SsvnOZyMsjZxXmHOpax)
  • lettersAndNumbers (length): Random letters and numbers (e.g. jvYjV2Kk7D)
  • loremWords (number): Random lorem ipsum words with length (default 7)
  • loremSentences (number): Random lorem ipsum sentences with length (default 3)
  • loremParagraphs (number): Random lorem ipsum paragraphs with length (default 1)
  • phone: A random phone
  • street: A random street (e.g. Aniiv Way)
  • url: A random url (e.g http://git.ve/poh)
  • guid: A random guid (e.g 924719d1-8ba1-5cbc-8513-cc7d3c2031ee)
  • image (width-height): A random image from https://picsum.photos (e.g https://picsum.photos/seed/ebGjjAe/320/100)


Type config-random [option] [arg]:

  • Image grayscale: Toggle to set if images are in a grey scale
  • Image blur: A number that adjust the amount of blur on images
  • Default Dates (MIN-MAX): the default range of dates, format YYYY/MM/DD or today
  • Date American Format Toggle to set the date is in american format MM/DD/YYYY