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Alfred Workflow for interacting with Unifi controllers - not tested on UnifiOS controllers


  • Download .workflow file from Releases
  • Can be installed from Packal at http://www.packal.org/workflow/unifi-controller-workflow
  • Can also be downloaded from github as a zip file, unzip the downloaded zip, cd into the zip directory, and create a new zip with all the files in that folder, and then renamed to Smartthings.alfredworkflow
  • Or you can use the workflow-build script in the folder, using
    chmod +x workflow-build
    ./workflow-build . 


uf ip 

This should only be needed once per install or after a reinit


uf upwd  

This should only be needed once per install or after a reinit - stored securely in MacOS keychain

uf mfa 

This is needed everytime before a login is made - that could be everytime the session times out, and the command fails

uf secret 

This should only be needed once per install or after a reinit if you use MFA - stored securely in MacOS keychain - if this is used, uf mfa should never be needed. Preferred way to use if you use two factor

Device/Client/Icons Update

uf update

This should be needed once at the install, and everytime you want to refresh information on devices/clients - should happen automatically at least once a day

Device Commands

uf  clients|reboot|upgrade

devices - are UniFi devices - switches, gateways, routers, APs, etc. search term can be alias, hostname or ip

  • clients - gives you the list of clients attached to this device
  • reboot - reboots device
  • upgrade - upgrades device to latest firmware (items marked with a * in subtitle when upgradable)

Client Commands

uf  reconnect|block|unblock

clients are endpoints that connect to the network. search term can be name or ip

  • reconnect - forces the endpoint to reconnect to the network
  • block - kicks the endpoint off the network, and prevents it from connecting
  • unblock - undoes the above

Radius Commands


Read-only at the moment - pulls up all radius accounts matching search term and some details on them. search term is the username

Firewall Commands

uf  enable|disable

Will enable or disable firewall rules by name. The status is not updated automatically, and uf update needs to be called to update the status of the devices and rules

Update Frequency

uf freq 

This is an optional setting to change how frequently the clients and their status is updated. This takes a couple of seconds and so making it too small may be annoying, but it is a tradeoff between fresh data and speed of response. By default, this is updated once a day. A more aggressive but still usable setting is 3600 or every hour.


uf reinit

This should only be needed if you ever want to start again for whatever reason - removes all API keys, devices, scenes, etc.


uf workflow:update

An update notification should show up when an update is available, but if not invoking this should update the workflow to latest version on github


Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com
Icons made by Good Ware from www.flaticon.com
Icons also from IconFinder