slack 2 markdown

From their README


Slack emojis to markdown

An alfred plugin that allows you to use your custom slack emojis from your organization in markdown.

This is excellent for extending slack fun to places where markdown is supported (like github!)

Turns a slack emoji like this one:


Into a usable string:


Copying into your clipboard and pasting into the focused window!


You can install from the latest release.

Requires Node.js 10+ and the Alfred Powerpack.


  • Obtain an api token for your slack group with the emoji:read permissions. (see here)
  • In alfred type smdc, Space, and then paste in your slack api key.


In Alfred, type smd, Space, and then start searching emojis.


I can't see the pictures 😿

For some reason, alfred can only display images from your computer. There is an initial setup to download all of the current emojis, and you will periodically need to download all of the new emojis that your team adds. To do this:

  • In Alfred, type smdu, Space
  • You'll see a huge screen saying UPDATED
  • That's it!

NOTE: it takes kind of a long time the first time you do it. (assuming you have a lot of emojis in your org)


MIT © Scott Norvell