banana terminal

From their README

Open a Finder windwos or terminal—and change directory—to the result found by searching with Alfred limiting itself to folders.

Download from releases.

This workflow uses some code from and

I don’t like tabs for terminals so it is intentional that each terminal is in its own window. If you want to see a script with support for opening in tabs, take a look at

bt  →   searches for a dircectory and opens it in a
bf  →   searches for a directory and opens it in a
bft     →   opens a terminal with the current directory
        which finder shows
btf     →   opens a finder showing the current directory
        in your terminal

Set the variable term_type (click on the "Configure workflow and variables" button [𝓍]) to "Terminal" (without quoates) to work with or "iTerm2" to work with The scripts will only work with versions of iTerm2 which implement the newer applescript API.


Only one really. Instead of using the "Reveal file in Finder" function built in to Alfred we're using AppleScript to open the folder and is now equivelent to the "Open File" action triggered with the spacebar.

Enjoy bananas.