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Alfred TinyPNG

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An Alfred workflow for quickly compressing and resizing images using TinyPNG. Simply select a collection of images or a folder in Finder and activate the workflow.

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Installation and Getting Started

  1. Install alfred-tinypng workflow.
  2. All further updates are handled automatically.

You will need to configure the workflow with an API key from TinyPNG. Type tinypng_api to get a link to the page where you can get your API key and to actually set the key when you have gotten it.

The workflow only supports Python 3.6+. If you have any errors running the code, try changing the pythonDir workflow variable to the the path at which you have Python 3 installed.


Select either a folder, image file or a number of image files in Finder. Afterward, open Alfred and type tinypng. You are presented with the following choices:

Choose an item based on what you want. When selected, the workflow will start compressing/resizing the image(s). After it is done, they will be saved to the same directory and with the same filename as the original image. By default, the original image will be preserved with .bak prepended before the file extension. I.e. if compressing img.jpg, this will now become img.bak.jpg and the compressed image will be saved as img.jpg. You can choose to always override the image(s) by changing the workflow variable KEEP_BACKUPS to False.

Refer to the TinyPNG documentation for a full explanation of the different resizing options.

Why? Another TinyPNG workflow already exists

  • It doesn't support choosing the files based on what is selected in Finder (which I personally prefer).
  • Only simple compression is supported whereas all TinyPNG compressions and resizing options are supported in this workflow.
  • It seems to be abandoned by the creator (has not been updated since 2015).


The workflow makes use of the following: