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AbuseIPDB Workflow for Alfred

This workflow queries AbuseIPDB API and returns result for specified IP address. The keyword is abuseipdb (example abuseipdb The keyword can be configured so select the one that suits you.

Query public IP address

With you can copy the details to the clipboard and then paste into any app.

Copy details to clipboard

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Download and open the workflow file. Alfred should handle installation from here. You can download the workflow from Releases page.


Workflow Environment Variables

AbuseIPDB API key

You would need to register for AbuseIPDB API and get an API key. Then configure it in the Workflow Environment Variables section under abuseipdb_api_key.


You can also configure a keyword under keyword variable.


Manual query

You may open alfred and manually enter the keyword and the IP address.

Query from selection

Or you can assign a hotkey to query selected IP address.

Workflow Environment Variables

Please note: You would also need to update the prefix if you changed the keyword.

Then select the IP address and use your assigned hotkey to trigger Alfred to query this IP address against AbuseIPDB database.

Additional Information

Alfred Workflow Diagram

Alfred Workflow Diagram

Script Filter

Script Filter