From their README

EggTimer 4 for Alfred 4


From Pacmax or Packal

  1. Download the .alfredworkflow file and double click on it

From GitHub source

  1. Download the version of release you want
  2. Unzip the folder
  3. Add folder to your Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/ directory
    1. You can find this folder by going to Alfred Preferences > Advanced tab > Syncing header > Reveal in Finder button

Basic Usage

The default keyword to use in Alfred is timer. In Alfred, set a timer with the following construction:

timer MINUTES Your Reminder

For example:

timer 30 Game of Thrones time!

And then, in 30 minutes time…

…EggTimer pops up to tell you that it’s time for the coolest-ever fictional dwarf to start cutting people down to (his) size.

Additional Features

Here is a very brief summary of some of the other things you can get EggTimer to do. For more detailed information, bring up the Help page by typing timer help into Alfred once it’s installed. (The Help page will load automatically the first time you run EggTimer.)

  • timer (with no additional parameters): Displays a list of currently running timers.
  • timer every MINUTES Your Reminder: Create an auto-repeating timer.
  • timer kill: Stop the last-completed auto-repeating timer.
  • timer repeat MINUTES: Repeat the last-completed timer. (Omit the MINUTES to use its previous duration.)
  • timer snooze: Repeat the last-completed timer for a preset duration. The default is 9 minutes.
  • timer snooze MINUTES: Set the snooze duration for future timers. (Omit the MINUTES to see the current value.)
  • timer reset: Cancel all running timers.
  • timer about: Shows basic info about EggTimer, including the version number.