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This repo is no longer actively developed. I will review pull requests but not respond to issues or requests. Unfortunately I have been unable to keep up with the changes Apple makes to reminders in every OS release without warning.

This creates a new reminder in Apple Reminders

Download the latest version, for Alfred v5 and macOS

More information at Alfred Forums


To use, just type r into Alfred.

For example, r check out some of Alfred's other workflows will create a new reminder called "check out some of Alfred's other workflows".

You can also include times and dates in the text and have Alfred set a reminder for that particular time.

r this will capture the current application and turn it into a reminder.

r help will show some built-in examples.


To be reminded at a specific date/time, simply type a date into the command, for example:

  • r today release the hamsters into the wild
  • r tomorrow bring about financial ruin upon my enemies
  • r in 5 minutes drop everything
  • r in 2 hours laugh out loud
  • r on 24/12/13 forget everything I know about things in movies
  • r on 12 June 15 come up with some interesting ideas
  • r on 31-12-99 23:22 panic about the millennium bug
  • r at 2pm wait for nothing in particular
  • r next thursday at 15.30 ask some difficult questions


To set the priority of the reminder, either use exclamation marks right at the start or end of the command (! for low priority, !! for medium priority, !!! for high priority), or type the priority right at the end of the command (these can also be abbreviated, for example mp or p lo). For example:

  • r !!! in 2 weeks an important meeting
  • r thursday have a banana medium priority
  • r decide what to have for lunch !lo
  • r make a turkey sandwich p3


To choose a list to use on a per-reminder basis, type in list right at the end of the command, for example r Get Santa outfit !2 in Christmas list. For single-word lists you can now use the shortcut @ . If a matching list can't be found, you won't be able to action the command.

In all other cases, the default Reminders list will be used (typically the first one). If you prefer, you can edit the defaultList variable within the workflow's Arg and Vars node (note that you'll have to edit this each time you upgrade the workflow however).


Get reminded about the app you're using, for example the selected file in Finder, or the current tab in Chrome or Safari.

To create a reminder about the active app, simply type r this. Or keep typing to set a date, priority or a custom title, for example r this drop some sick beats on Friday !!!.

The following apps are currently supported:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Chromium
  • Contacts
  • Finder
  • FoldingText
  • Brave Browser
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome Canary
  • Mailplane
  • Mail
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Safari
  • TextEdit
  • TextMate
  • Vienna
  • WebKit

Apps can be added on request. Just raise an issue with the app you use. As long as it's freely available and has AppleScript support, it can be added.

Getting help

r help will display the above examples

All sorts of combinations are possible!


If you want to change the default reminder list, edit the variables component at the top of the workflow, otherwise it will just use the first one (unless you use "in Y list" at the end).

To reverse the priority so p1 is the highest and p3 is the lowest priority, change the reverse_priority under the Workflow Environment Variables.

External trigger

To call the workflow as an external trigger, use applescript such as

tell application "Alfred 4" to run trigger "remind" in workflow "com.surrealroad.alfred-reminder" with argument "something tomorrow at 5pm"

Building from source

In Alfred create a new Blank Workflow, then right-click and choose Open In Finder. Then replace all the files with this source.


Date parsing is done via chrono.js

Uses icons from the Flurry collection by David Lanham / The Icon Factory