system audio

From their README

Alfred System Audio Workflow

Quickly change between different audio inputs and outputs using Alfred.


Go to Releases, and download systemaudio.alfredworkflow from the latest release. Open it from Finder to install.


This is macOS only. You will need Xcode and the command line tools installed.

Run ./ to create a flattened, uncompressed workflow, and install it. You can then make changes to the workflow in Alfred, and have it update the info.plist to see your changes.

Run ./ to create the compressed systemaudio.alfredworkflow for testing it installs cleanly.

Credits and Inpsiration

Audio Switch workflow by @sampayo was what I was using before I wrote this. I've re-used some of the icons from it until I can find better ones.

Soundwave icon by Maxim Kulikov from the Noun Project.