LeetCode Search

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LeetCode Search for Alfred Workflow

passing version python

LeetCode Search is an Alfred Workflow plugin for searching algorithm problems in LeetCode with custom options.


1. Download

You can download the latest version in Github releases page.

2. Usage

2.1 General Search

Try keyword lc for general search in LeetCode. Just simply enter your query. You can also enter -e, -m and -h to specify Easy, Medium and Hard problem.

Here is a simple example to search Hard problem with keyword knapsack

lc knapsack -h

2.2 Serach Topic

Try keyword lct for searching a specific Topic in LeetCode. Just type in some keywords and LeetCode Search will automatically suggests you some related topics.

Note: These topics are pre-defined by LeetCode, if no related topic is matched, then a general search will be performed.

Here is a simple example to search Medium problem in tree related topics.


You can also try some other keyword, like search, string, dp, or you can just enter the topic listed on the LeetCode, it works as well.


This Alfred Workflow plugin is developed based on deanishe/alfred-workflow. Thanks for this great helper library.