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Alfred Workflow: Bluetooth Controller

A powerful toolkit for managing your bluetooth connections. Includes Remote Trigger, to manage your Bluetooth devices on the big screen.



  1. Download the Alfred workflow and double-click to install!
  2. Allow blueutil and notificator to run (remove the quarantine attribute from the bundled binary).
    1. Open workflow folder in Finder by right clicking workflow (see image).
    2. Right-click on blueutil and click 'open' (see image).
    3. Confirm open when dialog appears.
    4. Repeat with notificator file.
    5. This can alternatively be done using the terminal.
  3. Enjoy!



Manage bluetooth status

  • Turn bluetooth on: bton
  • Turn bluetooth off: btoff
  • Toggle bluetooth status: bttoggle
  • Reset (disable, wait 1.5 seconds, enable: btreset

Toggle Device Connections

  • Connect/disconnect from device: btd + device name

Manage favorite device

  • Set favorite device: btsetfavorite + device name
  • Toggle connection with favorite device:
    • with hotkey: cmd-ctr-option-f
    • with keyword: btfavorite
  • Remove device as favorite:
    • btd + device name + press modifier key shift
    • btsetfavorite + device name + press modifier key shift

Pair/Unpair Device

  • Pair:
    • btp + device name
    • Wait 5 seconds for results to show up.
  • Unpair:
    • btd + device name + press modifier key cmd

Large-Type Bluetooth Status

  • See status of bluetooth connection and paired devices.
  • btstatus

Safe Mode

Set environment variable confirm in workflow to true if you want to force user confirmation on toggle and deactivation commands. (Useful for iMacs and Mac Minis who that would have trouble turning Bluetooth on again without any input devices.)

Remote triggers

Most, or all, the listed commands have their own Remote Trigger. (You're welcome to add ones that are missing.)


Remove quarantine with terminal

Use the following command once in directory:

  • Blueutil: xattr -d ./blueutil
  • Notificator: xattr -d ./notificator
    How to open directory in Terminal

Installation images

"How to open directory in Finder" How to open binary file


Screenshot of all options Screenshot of device toggle


  • blueutil binary is used for bluetooth functionality.
  • notificator binary is used for notifications.