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Publish extensions to AMO and [AOC]()
Add tabs.alfredworkflow and tabs-pkg.alfredworkflow for someone don't have/wanna node/npm
Feature support Firefox, Opera with browser extension.
Update list all tabs first you input keyword t, which means argument optional in Alfred
Update supported browsers work with JXA(applescript) e.g Yandex, Vivaldi and variants of Safari and Chrome.
Change use app's default icon.
Change JXA app activation with file path instead of app name.
Remove activation effect


It works OOB with Safari, Chrome, or Chromium based browser which supports applescript well. If it's not working, just add your browser name to SUPPORTED_BROWSER and CHROMIUM section in the tabs.js for jxa and constants.js for node

Install browser extension
Opera: Awaiting moderation, install it manually.
Opera: It's easy. Go to Extensions page. Enable Developer Mode - Load Unpacked Extension... and locate /usr/local/lib/node_modules/alfred-tabs-improved/messaging/addon-opera/, press Select button.
(Default node global path: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/)

somewhat messy and basic
installation size is bigger than original one. because of uws, it takes about 10 MB alone.
Firefox rises again, after Quantum launched. (but I'll stick with Chrome)


Asynchronous!??? had fun with node and js. (I don't know it well)
Who cares? I hope this helpful to you.


🔍 Find/Activate/Close browser tabs you want easily


$ npm i -g alfred-tabs-improved

Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.


In Alfred, type t, Space, and your query. Then select the tab you want and hit Enter! You will be able to see the tab 🙂




MIT © luceat-lux-vestra
MIT © Jaewe Heo