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From their README

Alfred Open in VSCode

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Alfred 4 workflow to open in VSCode.



  • Search projects and open in VSCode.
  • Search projects and reveal in Finder.
  • Open selected file in VSCode.
  • Fuzzy search.


  • npm i -g alfred-open-in-vscode.
  • Set workflow environment wds to your project base folders. e.g. wds: /Users/vivaxy/Developers/*. Workflow searches only first level folders, so make sure wds point to them. wds stands for working directories.


  • Type code with a space to search. Press enter to open selected project in VSCode. Hold command and press enter to reveal in Finder.
  • Select a file in Finder, type code (without space) and press enter to open this folder in VSCode.


  • Type code DEBUG to show the debug info.