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Get the real-time stock price from US stock market! (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500) - stonks stonks stonks


Latest Version is v1.1.2 (September 23, 2020)

Download from this Release Page

or via NPM

$ npm install --global alfred-real-time-stock-price

Requires Node.js 8+ and the Alfred Powerpack.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to IEX Cloud website to register a new account.

  2. In IEX Cloud console, copy your own API Tokens.


  1. Download the latest stock.alfredworkflow file from Release Page, and import into your Alfred app.


  1. Add your token into this workflow's configuration and variables. Variable name must be token, and value is your token from IEX Cloud.


  1. Type stock AAPL to test it out. The result is the latest price in subject, subtitle is the change in percentage and 52-week low & high price.


API Library

API Example

Get quote detail from a symbol${YOUR_TOKEN}

This API call will get the following response for stock AAPL.


    "symbol": "AAPL",
    "companyName": "Apple, Inc.",
    "primaryExchange": "NASDAQ",
    "calculationPrice": "iexlasttrade",
    "open": null,
    "openTime": null,
    "openSource": "official",
    "close": null,
    "closeTime": null,
    "closeSource": "official",
    "high": null,
    "highTime": 1599767376677,
    "highSource": "15 minute delayed price",
    "low": null,
    "lowTime": 1599765385646,
    "lowSource": "15 minute delayed price",
    "latestPrice": 113.465,
    "latestSource": "IEX Last Trade",
    "latestTime": "September 10, 2020",
    "latestUpdate": 1599767996317,
    "latestVolume": null,
    "iexRealtimePrice": 113.45,
    "iexRealtimeSize": 1,
    "iexLastUpdated": 1599768125766,
    "delayedPrice": null,
    "delayedPriceTime": null,
    "oddLotDelayedPrice": null,
    "oddLotDelayedPriceTime": null,
    "extendedPrice": null,
    "extendedChange": null,
    "extendedChangePercent": null,
    "extendedPriceTime": null,
    "previousClose": 117.32,
    "previousVolume": 176940455,
    "change": -3.855,
    "changePercent": -0.03286,
    "volume": null,
    "iexMarketPercent": 0.00636250051851494,
    "iexVolume": 1142855,
    "avgTotalVolume": 201473381,
    "iexBidPrice": 0,
    "iexBidSize": 0,
    "iexAskPrice": 0,
    "iexAskSize": 0,
    "iexOpen": null,
    "iexOpenTime": null,
    "iexClose": 113.465,
    "iexCloseTime": 1599767996317,
    "marketCap": 1967176744500,
    "peRatio": 34.19,
    "week52High": 137.98,
    "week52Low": 52.93,
    "ytdChange": 0.529584,
    "lastTradeTime": 1599768029914,
    "isUSMarketOpen": false


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