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Dedicated to @Daisy for our friendship and her kindly support.

Open in Editor

An Alfred Workflow to open file/folder in editor with one hotkey.

Defaults comes with VSCode, IDEA, Vim(in Terminal), Emacs, you can change it easily.


  1. Download Open in Editor.alfredworkflow.
  2. Double click Open in Editor.alfredworkflow to install.
  3. Click Import Button.
  4. Double click Hotkey and set your shortcut.(I'm using fn + e for Emacs)

how to use fn + e as hotkey trigger.

Features & Usage

Change Code Editor

  1. Open Alfred Preferences -> Workflows -> Open in Editor.
  2. Double click Run Script, replace Visual Studio Code with YOUR APPLICATION NAME.
  3. Make sure the app name surrounds with double quote "".

General Text Editor

alt + c, default with Visual Studio Code.


  • Launch Editor if Editor isn't active.
  • Bring Editor to the front window if Editor is active.
  • Open selected file/folder from Finder or Alfred File Browser.
    1. Enable Quick Search Mode in Features -> File Action.
    2. Launch Alfred and press spacebar or input a single quote.
    3. Move the highlight block to the destination folder.
    4. Notice: if you enabled Advanced -> History and browse file with it, you should use tab or or to avoid Alfred's default selection.
    5. Press fn + c or your own shortcut.


fn + i, default with IntelliJ IDEA

  • If there is *.xcodeproj in the folder(first level), it opens the folder with Xcode.
  • Other features work same as General Text Editor.

Emacs GUI Support

  1. Add the code below to your init.el or .emacs
    ;; Enable server for opening file/folder from emacsclient
  2. Set the shortcut to launch Emacs.
  3. Try it!

Vim CLI Support

  1. It default with vim, if you're using nvim, open the Run Script and change vim to nvim.
  2. It default with Terminal, if you're using iTerm2 or something else, open the Run Script and change Terminal to YOUR APPLICATION NAME.
  3. Set the shortcut to launch vim.
  4. Try it!


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


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