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Encode / Decode (Download v1.10)

Encoding and decoding a string into multiple variations.


  1. Alfred App v2
  2. Alfred Powerpack


  1. Click the download buttons below
  2. Double-click to import into Alfred 2
  3. Review the workflow to add custom Hotkeys

macOS Monterey (12.0) compatibility

Starting in macOS Monterey, there won't be any PHP runtime (which is required for this workflow) bundle with the OS, find more info in #23.

To Solve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Install Homebrew with the command provided on its homepage
  2. Install PHP runtime with Homebrew
brew install php
  1. Head to setting page of this Alfred workflow, double-click on encode / decode block, and change php to /usr/local/bin/php.


Run the Alleyoop Workflow using the keyword oop. If you're not comfortable with Alleyoop, star & watch this repo to keep up to date on new versions and additional workflows.


Will transform your query strings through base64, html, url, and utf-8 encode/decode. Pressing enter will copy the encoded/decoded string to the clipboard.

alt text

alt text


  • encode {query} - Encode magic
  • decode {query} - Decode magic