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network Alfred Network Workflow Build Status

Alfred workflow that can show and change your network settings: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, VPN, DNS, etc.

This is a collection of the functionalities of already existing network-oriented workflows that I found half-baked or stalled. Improved on performance, usability and details.


  • Type wifi to show Wi-Fi info and enable/disable.
  • Type eth to show ethernet info (if connected).
  • Type wifilist to scan for Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Type vpn to list configured VPNs and connect.
  • Type dns to list and change DNS settings.

alfred-wifi-workflow-wifi alfred-wifi-workflow-wifilist

Requires Alfred 3 and Powerpack for installing this extension. Might behave differently on macOS versions older than 10.7 Lion. This workflow is primarily implemented in Bash with a little help from AppleScript.


bats is used for automatic testing of Bash functionality. Install with brew install bats using brew.

Run tests: bats tests

To Do

  • [x] Basic functionality
  • [x] Unit tests
  • [x] Mark saved networks with a star
  • [x] Adjust Wi-Fi icon according to strength
  • [x] Ethernet support
  • [x] VPN list
  • [x] Travis CI build
  • [x] DNS switcher using networksetup -setdnsservers
  • [ ] Connect WiFi AP using AppleScript
  • [ ] Sort APs (improve!)
  • [ ] Filter APs on-the-fly, but only scan once
  • [ ] Use optional parameters for unit tests
  • [ ] Bluetooth list


Contributions, bug reports and feature requests are very welcome.

    - Martin