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Template File

New any type of file or folder (directly or using a template) with Alfred.
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The official repo of the Template File. It can help MacOS users easily create any type of file in the active Finder window. Now, it works in two ways:

  1. Create directly (with keyword new)

  2. Create from template (with keyword tf)




  1. Initialize the workflow (with keyword new)

    • If you use it for the first time, please initialize by opentf. In the future, you can also open the directory where the template file is saved through this command.
  2. Create directly (with keyword new)

    • Directly use the specified extension to create a new file of the corresponding type, e.g., new filename.docx. It supports popular file types, which can be found in template_file/ (open by opentf). You can also add some other custom types in the folder. new-file

    • Without expansion, it will directly create folder, e.g., new dirname. new-dir

  3. Create from templates (with keyword tf)

    • Select a template file (like tf ...), then enter a filename to create the file. I recommend you store your files in your_templates/ (open by opentf) cp-file

    • Select a template folder (can contains files and subfolders), then enter a dirname to create the folder. cp-dir


  • If you want change the search scope of the tf keyword, you can drag new dir here. set_scope

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