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Template File

New any type of file or folder (directly or using a template) with Alfred.
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The official repo of the Template File. It can help MacOS users easily create any type of file in the active Finder window. Now, it works in two ways:

  1. Create directly (with keyword new)

  2. Create from template (with keyword tf)



  1. Create directly (with keyword new)

    • Directly use the specified extension to create a new file of the corresponding type, e.g., new filename.docx. It supports popular file types, which can be found in ./template_file/. You can also add some other custom types in the folder. new-file

    • Without expansion, it will directly create folder, e.g., new dirname. new-dir

  2. Create from templates (with keyword tf)

    • Select a template file (like tf ...), then enter a filename to create the file. cp-file

    • Select a template folder (can contains files and subfolders), then enter a dirname to create the folder. cp-dir


  • Set the search scope of the tf keyword so that it can find the target template faster. set_scope

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