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Asana search for Alfred

Asana search for Alfred (powered by Alfy)


$ npm install -g alfred-asana

Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.

In addition you need to set your personal access token and workspace ID, in the workflow environment variables.

  • Open Alfred preferences
  • Click on the Workflows tab
  • Select the Asana workflow
  • Open the environment variables panel
  • Here is what you should see: Alfred environment variables

How to get your Personal access token

  • Make sure you are logged in on Asana and open this link: My Asana Apps
  • Click on "Manage Developer Apps"
  • Click on "+ Create New Personal Access Token"
  • Enter a description, for example "Alfred" and click "Create"
  • A token should be created, copy it
  • Replace <Your personal access token> by your token in Alfred environment variables

How to get your workspace ID

  • Make sure you are logged in on Asana and open this link: My Workspace IDs
  • You should get a list of your workspaces with the names and IDs, copy the workspace you want to use in Alfred
  • Replace <Your workspace ID> by your workspace ID in Alfred environment variables


In Alfred, type asana, Enter, and your query, then you can select the task you want to see with Enter to open a browser tab on this task, or you can press ⌘ Cmd + Enter to copy and paste the task URL automatically, convenient when you want to share a link to a task with a colleague.


To update this workflow to the latest version, use alfred-updater.


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