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Alfred Workflow to calculate anything with natural language

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Calculate Anything

Calculate Anything is a workflow for Alfred 4, that uses natural language and is able to calculate multiple things like currency, time, vat, px, em, rem, percentage, etc.


There are several workflows out there but i just needed a workflow that worked naturally for example you can open alfred and type 100 + 9 and alfred will give you a result no need for keywords or hotkeys it just works, i wanted to be able to just type 100 + 16% or 100 euros to usd or 100km to cm or 100 years to hours and a large etc. and so this workflow was created.


  • Natural language – type 100 euros to dollars or 100 euros in usd or 100€ to $ or 100eur usd or 100 euros a dolares. It does not matter, the same result will be displayed.
  • Currency – Up to 168 currencies
  • Units – 100 kilometers to meters or 100 km to m or simply 100km m
  • Percentages – 100 + 16% | 100 – 16% etc.
  • PX,Em,Rem,Pt – 12px or 12px to em or 12px pt
  • Time – time +15 years? now plus 6 hours? or need to convert a timestamp?
  • VAT – value added tax calculations, we all need this
  • Translations You can create your own translations to display results in your language
  • Keywords Extend the natural language in the queries so you can type 100 dolares a pesos and the code will see 100usd to mxn


Download directly from the releases page, make sure to download the latest release. Download here

Base Configuration

There’s only one global configuration and is the language, this configuration will be used to display the messages in your own language. View the Translations secction for the available languaes.

Configure it with.

  • calculate configure and select Set base language and enter the language for example es_ES

View the configuration section for more info

Please check the translations section to see if a translation to your language is available. Default is en_EN


You can use natural language or type a few characters and that’s all, for example:

- 100 euros to dollars
- 100 euros in dollars
- 100 euros a dolares (you can also write it in your own language)
- 100 usd to mxn
- 100€ to $
- 100 usd in mxn
- 100 usd yen
- 100usd eur
- 100eur (If no target the currency will be converted to the base currency that you configured)

All this examples will simply work, you can add spaces between the value and the currency or don’t.

Currency Options

By default the workflow will use exchangerates api to make the conversion, exchangerates has only support for 32 currencies, if you need support for all the currencies that this worflow includes you need to get a FREE API Key from it takes less than a minute.

The following options are available for the currency. Simply launch Alfred and type calculate configure and select any of the options below. View the configuration section for more info

  • Set base currency
    This will become your base currency, if you type 100eur it will automatically be converted to mxn, examples of currency (USD, EUR, MXN, CAD, etc)
  • Set currency locale
    Used to give format to the converted amount using the money format of your contry
  • Set Fixer API
    Set your fixer API Key for support more currencies

Currency Symbols

You can use currency symbols in your query for example 100¥ to € will be converted to 100JPY to EUR, here is a list of available symbols.

If by any chance you don’t remember the currency symbol or abbreviation simply type calculate list and select “List Available Currencies” (view the gift above)

Symbol Currency Value
EUR. Euro.
¥ JPY. Japanese yen.
$ USD. United States dollar.
R$ BRL. Brazilian real
лв BGN Bulgarian lev
KHR Cambodian riel
CNY Renminbi
CNY Renminbi
CRC Costa Rican colon
CUP Cuban peso
CZK Czech koruna
kr DKK Danish krone
RD$ DOP Dominican peso
£ GBP Pound sterling
¢ GHS Ghanaian cedi
Q GTQ Guatemalan quetzal
L HNL Honduran lempira
Ft HUF Hungarian forint
Rp IDR Indonesian rupiah
IRR Iranian rial
ILS Israeli new shekel
J$ JMD Jamaican dollar
KRW South Korean won
ден MKD Macedonian denar
RM MYR Malaysian ringgit
MT MZN Mozambican metical
ƒ ANG Netherlands Antillean guilder
C$ NIO Nicaraguan córdoba
NGN Nigerian naira
B/. PAB Panamanian balboa
Gs PYG Paraguayan guaraní
S/. PEN Peruvian Sol
TT$ TTD Trinidad and Tobago dollar
TT$ TTD Trinidad and Tobago dollar
UAH Ukrainian hryvnia


You can write your query using natural language or just a few characters, either way this workflow will give you the result you need.

- 100 ounces to kilograms
- 100oz to kg
- 100oz = kg
- 100oz kg

- 10 years to months
- 10years to seconds
- 1 year to sec
- 1hr s
- 10 días a horas (use your own language)

If you don’t remember the unit abbreviation just simply type the name for example instead of “oz” you can type “ounce” or “ounces” or even use words in your own language for exaple “onza” or “onzas” in spanish.

Finally if you still don’t remember the unit abbreviation or it’s name simply type calculate list and select List Available Units you can type to filter, etc.

Units Options

The following options are available. Simply launch Alfred and type calculate configure and select any of the options below. View the configuration section for more info

  • Set System of Measurement
    Here you can define your System of Measurement, this option is still in development but as the workflow grows this might be necessary for US users, by default the metric system will be used but you can define imperial or metric

Here is a list of all available units and their names just to make this Readme long.

Available Length units

Unit Unit Name
m Meter
km Kilometer
dm Decimeter
cm Centimeter
mm Milimeter
μm Micrometer
nm Nanometer
pm Picometer
in Inch
ft Foot
yd Yard
mi Mile
h Hand
ly LightYear
au Astronomical Unit
pc Parsec

Available Area units

Unit Unit Name
m2 Square Meter
km2 Square Kilometer
cm2 Square Centimeter
mm2 Square Milimeter
ft2 Square Foot
mi2 Square Mile
ha hectare

Available Volume units

Unit Unit Name
l Litre
ml Mililitre
m3 Cubic Meter
pt Pint
gal Galon

Available Weight units

Unit Unit Name
kg Kilogram
gl Gram
mg Miligram
N Newton
st Stone
lb Pound
oz Ounce
t Metric Tonne
ukt UK Long Ton
ust US short Ton

Available Speed units

Unit Unit Name
mps Meters per Second
kph Kilometers Per Hour
mph Miles Per Hour
fps Feet per second

Available Rotation units

Unit Unit Name
deg Degrees
rad Radian

Available Temperature units

Unit Unit Name
k Kelvin
c Centigrade
f Fahrenheit

Available Pressure units

Unit Unit Name
pa Pascal
kpa kilopascal
mpa MegaPascal
bar Bar
mbar Milibar
psi Pound-force per square inch

Available Time units

Unit Unit Name
s Second
year Year
month Month
week Week
day Day
hr Hour
min Minute
ms Milisecond
μs Microsecond
ns Nanosecond

Available Energy/Power units

Unit Unit Name
j Joule
kj Kilojoule
mj Megajoule
cal Calorie
Nm Newton Meter
ftlb Foot Pound
whr Watt Hour
kwhr Kilowatt Hour
mwhr Megawatt Hour
mev Mega Electron Volt


You can easily calculate percentages for example:

- 15% of 50 = 7.50  //7.5 equals to 15% of 50
- 120 + 30% = 156  //120 plus the 30% of 120
- 120 plus 30% = 156  //120 plus the 30% of 120
- 120 - 30% = 84  //120 minus the 30% of 120
- 120 minus 30% = 84  //120 minus the 30% of 120
- 30 % 40 = 75%  // 30 is 75% of 40.

Translations and natural language can also be used
- 120 más 30% = 156


Just open alfred and type 12px you’ll see the value converted to em, rem and pt that simple, check the examples below.

- 12px
- 12px to em
- 2 rem
- 2rem
- 2rem to pt

#use a custom px base or configure it in the workflow
- 12px in em base 17px

PX,Em,Rem,Pt Options

The following options are available. Simply launch Alfred and type calculate configure and select any of the options below. View the configuration section for more info

  • Set base pixels Base pixels for calculations your value must be in px for example 16px


Time is triggered by a keyword because is not often used so you can simply open alfred and type time

#converts the timestamp to a regular date
- time 1577836800

#gives you the time from now plus 15 days
- time +15 days
- time now plus 3 days

#gives you the time from now plus 3 working days
- time today + 3 workdays
- time now + 3 workdays
- time + 3 workdays

#number of days until specified date
- time days until 31 december

#the start date of current year
- time start of year

#the start date of specified year
- time start of 2021

#the end date of current year
- time end of year

#the end date of specified year
- time end of 2021

#it also works in your language
- time inicio de 2020
- time fin de 2020
- time dias hasta 31 diciembre

#Get information about date
- time 31 December, 2021 18(00)00
- time 31/12/2021 18(00)00
- time 12/31/2021 18(00)00

#Calculate the difference between two dates
- time 25 December, 2021 - 31 December, 2021
- time 31-11-2019 - 21-11-2019
- time 11/31/2019 - 11/21/2019

Time Options

The following options are available. Simply launch Alfred and type calculate configure and select any of the options below. View the configuration section for more info

  • Set base timezone Base time zone to calculate dates in your time for example (America/Los_Angeles, Mexico/General, etc.)

  • Add date format Configure a new date format so the date is displayed the way you want for example (j F, Y, g(i)s a) More information about available values for date

  • Delete date format It will show you a list of configured date formats, simply select the one you want to delete and press enter to remove it

Example adding time date formats

You can add all the date formats you want simply launch alfred and type calculate configure and select the option Add date format then simply enter the format you want and press enter: View the configuration section for more info

Time will use the language that you configure with Set base language

VAT (value added tax)

With this you can calculate the vat of a given amount. Like time, vat is also triggered with the keyword “vat” you can change the keyword in the workflow.

Given the following query

vat of 400 (with 16% vat configured, you can configure your own percentage)

You will get

  • VAT of 400 = 64 // VAT Amount
  • 400 plus VAT = 464 // Amount plus vat
  • 400 minus VAT = 344.82 // Amount minus vat

VAT Options

The following options are available. Simply launch Alfred and type calculate configure and select any of the options below. View the configuration section for more info

  • Set VAT percentage for example (16%)


This is a list of available languages:

Language Code
English en_EN
Spanish es_ES

You can create your own translation, just follow this steps.

  1. Copy and paste /lang/en_EN.php and /lang/en_EN-keys.php in the same folder
  2. Change the name of the pasted files to your country lang code for example ru_RU.php and ru_RU-keys.php
  3. open and translate ru_RU.php
  4. open and modify ru_RU-keys.php. Read more about this file in the section Keywords
  5. Set your new languge with: calculate set language ru_RU
  6. Share it with the world, just send a pull request or simply publish it to (or any other service) and send me a link to include your translation


Keywords are words that can be used when writing a query in natural language for example a keyword “ounces” will be converted to “oz”, “kilometers” will be converted to “km” or “dollars” will be converted to “USD”, this keywords allows the user to type in a more natural way and in their own language.

'units' => [
    'hours' => 'hr',
    'hour' => 'hr',
    'kilometers' => 'km',
    'ounces' => 'oz',
    'ounce' => 'oz',
    'hakunamatata' => 'year',  // try adding this

If the user the types:
1 hakunamatata to months, the result will be 12

There is no limit in the keywords that you can add.

Stop Words

Stop words are words that can be used in the query when using natural language for example 100km to cm – here the stop word is “to”

Stop words are useful for two things

  1. Allows the user to write more naturally and in their own language (e.g 100 dolares a mxn) “a” is the stop word
  2. Are used to check if the query has to be processed for example:

100km equals meters

if the word “equals” is not registered in the stop_words array then it won’t be processed. At the end this stop words are removed so 100km to cm becomes 100km cm.

You can modify stop words in the same keys file for example /lang/en_EN-keys.php.

'units' => [
    'hours' => 'hr',
    'hour' => 'hr',

    'stop_words' => ['to', '=']


You can easily configure the workflow simply by opening Alfred and typing calculate configure you will see a list of all the available options to configure the workflow, select the option you want and press enter then simply enter your value and again press enter to save it. Check the following gif if you have doubts.


Starting from version 1.0.5 automatic updates were implemente, you will be notified if a new update is available or if you prefer you can launch Alfred and type calculate update to check for updates.


For Currency, Percentages and Units this workflow will only process the query if it begins with a digit and it has at least 3 characters, it’s really fast. Time and VAT have a keyword because those are not often used.


This workflow could not be possible without:



  • Fixed a bug where some configuration was saves in lowercase causing some problems with dates and currency formatting


  • New: pixels, em, rem, pt calculations example: 12px or 12px to em or 12px to rem or 12px to pt
  • New: Added today + X workdays
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed currency now works correctly with decimals and commas
  • Fixed some units conversion not working


  • New: Added new way to configure the workflow
  • New: Added OneUpdated for automatic updates
  • Fixed percentage calculation error
  • Improved decimal places to ignore last 0 for example 17.50 becomes 17.5
  • Improved the workflow, cleaning and removing nodes and code


  • Fixed speed calculations not working


  • Changed currency cache expiration to 2 hours for and 12 hours for exchangerates


  • Added support for
  • Some cleanup


  • FIXED Decimal pints to display values correcly from currencies
  • FIXED currency conversions to base currency always displayed the $ symbol
  • FIXED currency conversions from base currency eur to EUR triggered error


  • Initial release


This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the file for details