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From the project's README:

Jisho Alfred Workflow

An Alfred workflow to easily search Jisho.org, a powerful Japanese-English online dictionary. It uses the Jisho.org API to retrieve search results and instantly display them within Alfred's search results.




Type ji or followed by the word you want to search for. Note that there is a space after ji and not after .

As stated by Jisho.org, searches for English words can be surrounded with double quotes to prevent searching for the word as romaji. e.g. ji "date" would search for the English word "date" and ji date would search for "だて".

Open search result in browser

Press Enter on a search result to open the result on Jisho.org.

Display large version of search result

Press CMD+L on a search result to display a large version of the kanji or kana. This is useful for looking at detailed kanji.


Jisho Alfred Workflow checks for updates once a day during the first search. If an update is found, it will be downloaded automatically and ask to be applied.

To check for updates manually, enter ji workflow:update in Alfred.


Thank you to the people at Jisho.org for making a great service and an API.

This workflow uses the Alfred-Workflow library, licensed under The MIT License.

The icon is a slightly modified version of Book icon by Paomedia, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Inspired by alfred-jisho, but found that it was really slow between searches and no longer maintained.