iterm profiles

An Alfred 3 workflow to easily search and open iTerm profiles

Last Updated: 21/09/19 13:47:51
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iTerm Profiles Workflow for Alfred 3

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Search through your iTerm profiles using Alfred and easily open one. Extremely useful if you have a lot of profiles, e.g. with an SSH command for each server.

🔧 Installation

Download workflow here

⚙️ Usage

  1. Enter keyword profile in Alfred, followed by a searchquery to find the profile you need.
  2. Hit and iTerm will open your profile


🔨 Development

When developing an Alfred workflow, you can call alfred-link directly from your cli. Use npx to call the local installation of alfred-link and alfred-unlink.

$ npx alfred-link

This will create a symlink in the Alfred workflows directory pointing to your development location without transforming info.plist.

To remove the symlink afterwards, you can call alfred-unlink.

$ npx alfred-unlink