aws vault

Alfred workflow to Open AWS in your browser via aws-vault

Author: kangaechu
Last Updated: 26/10/19 01:12:22
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Open the AWS management console via aws-vault.



aws-vault is a tool for securely managing AWS credentials and authenticating multiple AWS accounts via assumeRole. aws-vault login is useful, but the browser cannot open multiple AWS accounts at the same time. This workflow creates a browser profile for each AWS account and opens a window for each profile.
It allows you to open multiple AWS accounts at the same time.

How to use

aws [profile name]

The profile name corresponds to the profile name in $HOME/.aws/config.
Internally launch the aws-vault login command and launch Chrome with a separate profile.


  1. Alfred 4 or later
  2. Alfred Powerpack
  3. aws-vault


  1. Download workflow from packal or Release.
  2. Double-click to import into Alfred.