Yandex.Translate workflow for Alfred 3

Last Updated: 04/04/20 13:04:03
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Alfred Workflow for Yandex.Translate

Triggers: t.

Triggers: select text and alt+t.


By default just Russian -> English and English -> Russian.

Use Yandex.Translate API.


Download and open file using Alfred 3.

P.S.: You need to buy the Powerpack to use this workflow.

npm install -g alfred-yatranslate
  • Open Yandex.Translate Token request form and request API key for you
  • After on this page you can see all your keys for API requests.
  • Copy your API key to workflow as YANDEX_TRANSLATE_TOKEN.
  • Also you can modify MYLANGS with your languages. Comma-separated.
  • That’s all, now open your Alfred and enjoy 😉

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