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From the project's README:


Alfred workflow to browse Elm's documentation

alt text


$ npm i -g alfred-elm

Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.



Same as elm but with elm/core package pre-selected


Browse Elm packages, find a package by typing the name.

If you recently browse packages, these are shown by default instead of all the packages

  • On Enter press: Browse the selected package modules
  • On Cmd+Enter press: Open package documentation page URL

Browsing modules

  • On Enter press: Browse selected module functions
  • On Cmd+Enter press: Open module documentation page URL

Browsing functions

  • On Enter press: Open function documentation page URL


By default, everytime you lookup a package, these are cached so you can quickly come back later on by simply typing elm. You can clear this cache by running elmr.


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