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Search the Django documentation using Alfred and Algolia

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Django Docs Workflow for Alfred

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Search the Django documentation using Alfred.



  1. Download the latest version
  2. Install the workflow by double-clicking the .alfredworkflow file
  3. You can add the workflow to a category, then click “Import” to finish importing. You’ll now see the workflow listed in the left sidebar of your Workflows preferences pane.


Just type dj followed by your search query.

dj FormView

Either press ⌘Y to Quick Look the result, or press <enter> to open it in your web browser.

Changing Branches

The workflow supports searching the documentation of all the currently officially supported branches 3.0 2.2, and 1.11.
By default it searches the 3.0 branch. To search branch 2.2 or 1.11 simply type v2.2 or v1.11 anywhere in your query, like so:

dj v1.11 as_p


Built using Alfred-Workflow.
The lightning fast search is powered by Algolia which was generous enough to hand me a big
enough plan to fit all the indices for the officially supported Django documentation versions.
A big thank you to @redox from @algolia 😇 🍻 ❤

The index for Algolia was compiled from the zipped Django HTML documentation using a simple Python script I wrote.