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Alfred Workflow to quickly search through Jira issues 🔎

Author: Titouan Mathis

Last Updated: 16/03/20 18:03:02

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Alfred Jira Search

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Alfred workflow to quickly search through your Jira issues 🔎


This workflow works on top of alfy, you can install it with NPM:

npm install -g alfred-jira-search

Or you can download the worflow from the releases page.


You need to set up the following variables for the workflow to work:

  • JIRA_ORG: the name of your Jira organization (https://{JIRA_ORG}.atlassian.net)
  • JIRA_USERNAME: your username used to connect to Jira
  • JIRA_TOKEN: a Jira API token

You can create an API token by logging in to https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens.


Type jira with or without a query and a list of Jira issues will be displayed. You can then press return to open the issue page.


Lists the 10 most recents issues that are assigned to you and unresolved. The following JQL query is used:

assignee = currentUser()
AND resolution = Unresolved

jira <issueKey>

Find issues by their key. The following JQL query is used:

issue = '<issueKey>'
OR issue = '<issueKey>0'
OR issue = '<issueKey>1'
OR issue = '<issueKey>2'
OR issue = '<issueKey>3'
OR issue = '<issueKey>4'
OR issue = '<issueKey>5'
OR issue = '<issueKey>6'
OR issue = '<issueKey>7'
OR issue = '<issueKey>8'
OR issue = '<issueKey>9'

If you search for JIRA-10, all issues between JIRA-100 and JIRA-109 will match too.

jira <text>

For all queries not matching the Regex of a Jira issue key, a simple text query will be used:

text ~ '<text>' ORDER BY updated DESC