💰💱Alfred Workflow for currencies conversion

Author: Tomy Hsieh

Last Updated: 28/02/20 04:06:00

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Coon is an Alfred workflow which do currency conversion by using live currency rates from Open Exchange Rates API.

For list of support currencies, Installation, Setup and Usage, see Wiki

Credit & License

  • This project is inspired by plummm/alfred3-workflow-CurrencyX

    I made this spin-off because the original one doesn’t work in the way I thought it should be. As I’m trying to tweaking the the old ones, things get more out of control which ended up me deciding to re-write my own version.

  • Core Library depends on the work-of-art-library deanishe/alfred-workflow

  • API provided by Open Exchange Rates

  • Icon licenses as below

Main iconFreepikFlaticon
Hint iconsMaxim BasinskiFlaticon
Fiat CurrenciesFreepikFlaticon
EarthCoin (EAC)earthcoinreloaded/earthcoinGitHub
Factom (FCT)Factom, Inc.Factom
Feathercoin (FTC)FeatherCoin/FeathercoinGitHub
VertCoin (VTC)vertcoin-project/VertDocsGitHub
  • Any source code unmentioned above are released under the MIT license