bluetooth controller

Alfred workflow for managing bluetooth settings and -connections

Last Updated: 15/07/20 16:21:11
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Alfred Workflow: Bluetooth Controller

A powerful toolkit for managing your bluetooth connections.



Install blueutil and Alfred workflow!


  1. Install blueutil:

Using package manager Homebrew:

# install
brew install blueutil

# update
brew update
brew upgrade blueutil

# uninstall
brew remove blueutil

Using package manager MacPorts:

# install
port install blueutil

# update
port selfupdate
port upgrade blueutil

# uninstall
port uninstall blueutil
  1. Download the Alfred workflow and double-click to install!


usage snippet

Manage bluetooth

  • Toggle bluetooth on and off: bt
  • Turn bluetooth on: bton
  • Turn bluetooth off: btoff
  • Reset bluetooth connection btr

Toggle device connections

  • Connect/disconnect from device: btd + device name
  • By typing an argument, the workflow will automatically search through all devices prevously paired with the computer.

Manage favorite device

  • Set favorite device: btsetfavorite + device name
  • Toggle connection to favorite device: btx

Pair new device

  • btp + device name
  • Wait 5 seconds for results to show up